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Here's another thing to remember. Your roofing system plays a huge function in insulating your house. One of the reasons you may always have to crank up the heat in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer season is because your roofing system isn't able to trap that heat or a/c.

Here's one more thing to think about. A new roofing system will increase the curb appeal of your house and increase its worth, so a few of that money you invested on repairing or changing it will come right back to you when you sell - Middle TN Roofing Pros. You started this short article simply wishing to get photovoltaic panels for your house, and now you may to replace your roofing system too! That means you need to locate roofing companies in your location, schedule consultations, sign an agreement, bring that team out and then do it all over once again for your solar setup specialist! Yikes, that's a great deal of work! It does not have to be.

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Do you recommend metal or asphalt shingle roof?

We receive this question often. This largely depends on the aesthetic look hat you are going for, and your budget. While a metal roof can cost 2-3x as much as an asphalt roof, it provides many up-sides, including longevity and durability. If price is not your largest factor, then metal is worth considering. If you are looking for the most economical, inexpensive option, asphalt is the best option. We tend to see most Nashville homeowners opting for an asphalt roof.

How long does it take to install a new roof?

In many cases, we can install your new roof in as little as one day! There are many variables to this, including the size of your roof, the materials you requested, and the scope of the project. However, many asphalt shingle roofs are installed in one day (for most average size Nashville homes).

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Our roofing estimates and roofing inspections are always no-obligation, and hassle-free! If you're looking for Nashville's best roofing contractor, give us a call today!

There are lots of factors to deal with just one business for your roofing and solar requirements. First, you'll save a great deal of effort. It's much easier to deal with a single task planner than to research, assess, and employ 2 different business. Next, you'll conserve time. It can take weeks to get on a professional's schedule.

Probably the biggest advantage of dealing with a single business for roof and solar is that you can delight in considerable cost savings. At Semper Solaris, integrating a roofing system replacement with solar installation permits us to be as efficient as possible. We more than happy to pass those expense savings back onto our customers.

Often getting solar panels for your home means repairing or replacing your roofing initially. With Semper Solaris, we can take on your full task and get photovoltaic panels on your new, tough roofing before you understand it. Contact us today to schedule a roofing and solar consultation.

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There aren't that lots of people who in fact like investing cash on major house improvement tasks. source. But as a responsible property owner, this job ends up being needed when in a while to keep the home in good working order and keep its worth. Among the common major home tasks consists of getting a new roofing placed on the house.

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After all, you just have to go through the entire rigmarole finding a specialist, scheduling an appointment, and arranging to be at house while the work is done once rather of twice. Many specialists can carry out both tasks simultaneously or with really little additional labor time included - Certainly, if your gutters are harmed or in disrepair, you must probably enable them to be changed along with your roof.

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And if you're getting your roofing changed due to storm damage, there's a respectable possibility that your rain gutters were damaged by the storm too. In addition, for lots of property owners, it's less painful to part with a significant amount of money when instead of 2 smaller ones at various times.

Also, it may be simpler to pay for the deal with funds from a single source (like a tax refund or home equity loan) by combining tasks. On the other hand, it might be prudent to leave your gutters alone while having a brand-new roofing system put on regardless of possible protestations by your roofing contractor.



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