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As a roofing ages, it becomes more fragile, and other issues are likely to rapidly emerge. Water damage: When any component of a roof breaks down, water damage is soon to follow. Things like broken tiles, worn sealants, torn underlayments, and more can result in water damage during the next rainstorm.

If something falls on your roofing, if a roofing system installation is carried out improperly, or perhaps if someone strolls on the incorrect part of the roofing, cracks or punctures can result! Standing water: Your roofing system is developed to effectively shunt water off its surface, utilizing its angled style, together with flashing and seamless gutters.

Structural damage: On rare celebrations, the supports of your roofing might move, which can present a serious danger to you and your family - www.middletnroofingpros.com. Roofing systems with structural damage are responsible to collapse and needs to be resolved instantly! Not all roof damage is quickly noticeable and recognizable, but it will ultimately make itself seen.

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You may notice water discolorations on your ceiling, interior walls, or outside walls. This may become awful mold and even lead to active leaks during heavy rainstorms. If you see any of these things, there's a strong chance that your roofing system requires to be repaired or changed before you even consider adding top photovoltaic panels.

One other factor you require to think about is the age of your roofing system. That's right, your roofing system can get old and vulnerable, much like us humans. The life-span of your roofing will depend upon a number of elements, consisting of: Its products Its environment How well you (or the previous owner) cared for it Numerous roofings in California use clay tiles, which have a particularly long lifespan of nearly 50 years.

Wood shake roofing systems (which are more popular in the Northeast) have about a 30-year life-span, while cement shingles tend to retire around 20 years (more info). If you live in an especially extreme environment, or if you have actually never ever resealed your roof or repaired visible damage, your roofing system's life-span might be cut short.

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Do you recommend metal or asphalt shingle roof?

We receive this question often. This largely depends on the aesthetic look hat you are going for, and your budget. While a metal roof can cost 2-3x as much as an asphalt roof, it provides many up-sides, including longevity and durability. If price is not your largest factor, then metal is worth considering. If you are looking for the most economical, inexpensive option, asphalt is the best option. We tend to see most Nashville homeowners opting for an asphalt roof.

How long does it take to install a new roof?

In many cases, we can install your new roof in as little as one day! There are many variables to this, including the size of your roof, the materials you requested, and the scope of the project. However, many asphalt shingle roofs are installed in one day (for most average size Nashville homes).

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Our roofing estimates and roofing inspections are always no-obligation, and hassle-free! If you're looking for Nashville's best roofing contractor, give us a call today!

An old roofing will not hold up well to drilling into tiles to set up racking or carrying heavy solar panels. In reality, numerous older roofs were just not constructed to manage the weight of solar panels. Before you contact a solar setup team to give you a cost quote on photovoltaic panels, figure out the age of your roof.

Look through your home's paperwork to see if a roofing replacement is mentioned in the disclosures or call the previous owner if you have their info. If your house is less than 30 years old, opportunities are that the initial roof is still in place (source). If your roofing is at or nearing the end of its lifespan, you will likely have to change it before you can securely install solar panels.

Fixing and especially changing your roof is not an affordable possibility. If you were already planning to pony up a big piece of money to set up solar panels, the last thing you want to do is invest MORE cash on your roof prior to getting your photovoltaic panels. Middle TN Roofing Pros. As hard as it is to swallow, however, repairing or replacing your roofing system might be the ideal thing to do, even if it delays your solar panel installation.



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